“I am honoured to say I have participated in numerous and various workshops presented by Maria Molnar over the past 16yrs. Maria’s workshops are extremely valuable life education. The unique way in which Maria presents this information has been a God sent for me personally. I have received so much over the years participating with Maria that I became passionate about offering this experience and making it available to others. I began to network and promote Maria’s workshops within the community. It has been very rewarding to see friends, family and loved ones also receive and experience remarkable results. I can honestly say I would not be the woman I am today without Maria’s teaching, guidance and mentoring.”

Warm regards


“I attended my first workshop with Maria in April, 2013, that day was the beginning of great learning and spiritual growth, I have found my teacher. I was looking for someone who spoke to truth, knows the truth and is wise enough to share the truth. Maria is the one , she has the ability to see inside my soul and make me aware of the things that have been holding me back . Maria is dedicated to open the abundance in our lives on all levels and teaches us the importance of our language, for prosperity, enlightenment and a deeper understanding of one’s path in life. My business began to grow ,only days after our workshop, as promised by Maria. I am forever grateful for everything Maria has shared, especially her friendship. Much appreciation and love,”

Joanne Cameron.

‘To find someone who has integrity and honesty in every action is a rare find for me. So when I attended my first workshop over 10 years ago my life was in survival mode, I can honestly say that I was travelling on a dangerous road. Through Maria’s workshops and guidance I was able to transform and grow. Her dedication, honesty and integrity is like no other I know, Maria has assisted me to breakthrough my blockages and begin a life of passion, love and joy. I highly recommend Maria’s courses; I know I will be to many more in the future”



“Meeting and working with Maria has truly been a life changing event. The two words that best describe what Maria does are “Divine Intervention”. Never before have I met anyone who stands in their truth with such integrity and authenticity. Without skipping a beat, Maria is able to help you see your patterns and see your life from a totally different perspective. However, you get out of it as much as you are willing to put in. If you truly want a better life, if you are ready to live the life that was promised to you by your soul then you will know that this is for you.”

xx Irene


“I attended many Maria’s workshops and had personal sessions with her. Each one of them took me to another way of experiencing Life and myself. My whole well-being is on a much higher level thanking Maria. I am deeply grateful for the teachings, love and light she shares with the world. Through Maria’s work I feel more confident in my relationship with my body and how my expression of who I am, with peace and appreciation She has guided me towards a pathway of living an extraordinary life that I have a right to create”



“Well-presented work shop Maria puts all into her programs for the group to enable enlightenment into their life.”



“Dear Maria my personal experience with your work is that of having met a true teach of truth. This is a rare thing What it meant for me was moving from trying to resolve issues to being immersed into realising my truth potential. You have the gift of taking people to a place they have not been before and each individual is guided to discover that unique space with your support and love and without compromise Since I have met you six ago you have given me a roadmap to work with when before I lost in the woods. Thank you With Love and gratitude”

Jean Jacques


“I meet Maria 4 years ago and got more familiar with your work in her workshops and Meditation groups she presents as a leader It was absolutely perfect in her leading me into other layers of my life, Know more about myself and how I operate and have a better control of myself and my mind. Now I know more of the Value of My Life, my time, and everything that fits within and around it. I believe Maria had opened my eyes to truly see life as it really is for me and come into it fully. Even though I have not been able to attend the workshops of resent I am still able to use the valuable tools and information that she had taught me I believe that Maria’s way she presents lasts for every it is always available when one takes the action. The techniques work they have not exploration date

Investment that stays with you for life as we travel along a own path I strongly recommend her workshops give yourself a chance at truth and a real life, once you’re their then you have choice and cam make decision with open eyes and awareness having your options available for you.”



“When asked if I would be willing to assess /share my experiences of your “work” in my life Maria I was overwhelmed with the vastness and the depth of your presence in my life’s journey and that of my family and friends.

Where to start? You have been a thread in the tapestry of my life for some 20 years as a teacher, therapist, a life’s coach, a counsellor an elder and a dear friend. Through my journey I have attended many workshops listened to many presenters and used many modalities however I have not experienced any work more profound than yours, except of course the work of my(our) Guru, Sai Maa and in saying that when first introduced to Maa’s teachings I remember experiencing the similarity between you both.

As a teacher you have been you have fed, nurtured, provided for and guided me. As a therapist I have not experienced anyone with the “bag” (tools, skills, gifts) you work with nor the purity and integrity of your work. You truly are unique! As a life’s coach you look at the totality and go to work on it. An “elder” yes! We don’t all belong to a church or a community and you have been there and guided spiritually and emotionally myself and my family in our darkest moments off loss, confusion, desperation when our humanness was not enough.

I have experienced and witnessed your 24/7 commitment to all you serve.

You truly are a blessing my life and I am eternally grateful.”


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