Metaphysical Practitioner Certification Training’s


Practitioner Courses: Certification Accreditation with AKA through the Kinesiology College of SA

Completion of six levels required for NLK Practitioner Accreditation

NLK uses meridian therapy, acupressure, bodywork and stress release techniques and combines this with the change work of NLP enabling changes to the body.  These combine with the work of NLP enabling changes to the body wiring system.

NLK is a way of improving performance and can be used in addition to your already current modalities both on yourself and others.

NLK can assist beneficially in areas such as:

  • Fear
  • ADHD
  • Learning and performance
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic fatigue?
Accredited Practitioner Training:   Jan 2015


Level 1:      May 2nd – 4th  2015

(Two and a half days)

Cost $400

Level 2:    May 29th – 31st

(Two and a half days)

Cost $400

Level 3:   May 15th-May 22nd,        /   June 12th- June 14th + June 19th-       June 21st.  Six consecutive days

select a 2 week-ends  May 15th- May 17th + 22nd-24th / June 12th- 19th.

Cost $800.00

Levels 4 -6:  TBA

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NLP Practitioners CertificationDesigned for Personal Mastery

Accreditation with ABNLP in USA

NLP is an internationally renowned modality!  NLP has been introduced to our society from many ancient Medical studies of Neurology, Brain, Body functions, Mathematics and Computer technology.

I recommend a 7 Consecutive Day programme as it is through my personal experience I have found that the personality wishes to cut away from inner focus when it gets to a core.  The best transnational results occurred with this intensive period where each one had been able to be present for their own inner transformation and hence the successful results of the NLP program offered created fulfilment and inner transformation, a result the participants aim to achieve.

This program enhances Grinder’s and Bandler’s work both recognised as the principle people who collated, unified and brought forth NLP.  We will learn Modalities from some of histories well known Therapist’s such as Milton Ericson( expansion to possibilities), Delts (Anchor and Anchoring) and Viginar Setir ( Meta Model Questioning – to get to core issues).

Every day is filled with information that reveals the power of thought and how it governs most things in our world.  Each day you will chose, decide and transform an area, a belief or an emotional charge that no longer serves you and the life you wish to create for yourself.

At the end of NLP Certified training you have the ability to use these tool techniques and language with your own clients, family and friends.  You will have designed your future towards your

Date June 25nd 2015- July 1st 2015

Early bird (Jan Only) rate   $3000.00  If fully paid by June 15th 2015  ($500.00 discount)

As a result of high demand  an NLP  Training through Personal Mastery.  I  now have  designed for those  people who have difficulty in attending a 7  consecutive day program.  This training consists of   3  consecutive week-ends.

A 3 week-end Certification training  commencing  July 3rd-5th  + July 10th-12th +  July 17th-19th..   Signed Commitment to attend all week-ends involved in this training.


Cost :  $3800.00

Early bird rate (this time only)  $3400.00  If fully paid by June 15th 2015



NLP Master Practitioner :   Oct  7th-14th  7 day Intensive. 

Cost :  $3500.00


Time Line Therapy

Accredited Certification training Ancient Hawaiian Technique can be a great addition of Healing Modality  Accredited training date TBA

This is a four day Energy Healing Certified Training collective with  Ancient Hawaiian Techniques of Powerful Clearing  to   detach from Aka Cords of Past Life and Genealogical history.


Cost $800.00  

email: .au

phone :   0422960970

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Pure Reiki Certification Training : through the Linage of Dr Usui  (Only Pure Reiki)

  • Level  I  – Gifts of Ancient Teaching  and downloads of  Dr Usui Linage  June 3rd-5th   2015  –  
  • Cost $375.
  • Level 11 - Enhanced Shakti from Dr Usui’s  Linage  more energy downloads and energy work.  August 1st-3rd 2014
  • Cost $375.
  • Become A Reiki Master   – In its purest form according to request of Dr Usui  Accepting the tradition and embodiment of these teachings.
  • august 31st- Sept 4th
  • Cost $750..
For   those who are truly commuted to become Certified as  Reiki Master  We invite you  to pre-pay  all  levels of Reiki  with a gift of $1200.  ( $300 discount)  To be fully paid by May 30th to have this discount. 



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“To find someone who has integrity and honesty in every action is a rare find for me. So when I attended my first NLP Certification Training 10 years ago my life was in survival mode, I can honestly say that I was travelling on a dangerous road. Through  attending the NLP with Maria’s I experienced her guidance  was clear affirmative and supportive where I was able to transform and grow. Her dedication, honesty and integrity is like no other I know, Maria has assisted me to breakthrough my blockages and begin a life of passion, love and joy. I highly recommend Maria’s courses; I know I will be to many more in the future”     Monique

I am honoured to say I have participated in numerous and various workshops presented by Maria Molnar over the past 16yrs. Maria’s workshops are extremely valuable life education. The unique way in which Maria presents this information has been a God sent for me personally. I have received so much over the years participating with Maria that I became passionate about offering this experience and making it available to others. I began to network and promote Maria’s workshops within the community. It has been very rewarding to see friends, family and loved ones also receive and experience remarkable results. I can honestly say I would not be the woman I am today without Maria’s teaching, guidance and mentoring.”


Warm regards Marnie



For inquiries relating to training in any of the above fields please contact office on 0422960970 or email through this website by sending in your email address we will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible

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