Workshops and Meditations

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Workshops and Meditations


- Group Meditations -

Our work is focused on the master within, the guru within, the light within, the wisdom within, the love within, the breath within. The aim of our group work is to develop the inner power of self-mastery and unite with our soul’s purpose. From this place of self-mastery, we can then be of service to humanity, acting as one heart, one light.

Our group meditations combine the experience of meditation with teachings that can easily be put into practice. These teachings offer increased calm, more kindness and more tolerance in our lives. Self-acceptance and self-respect can grow. Our capacity to be authentic and act with dignity and integrity increases. These experiences unfold naturally as our natural authentic self emerges and we begin to experience living from our heart and our mind, rather than just the mind.

All group gatherings are based on unity of religions, cultures, ages and growth paths. The goal is to become a better person in all that we are.

”Each week is new, alive, and filled with deep respect. I lead with visualisations, breath work, brain illumination, and the teachings that have been shared with me by my teachers.”

- Workshops -

I offer many workshops at short notice. These workshops are created and presented in response to the changing dynamics of local, planetary, and universal energy patterns, and therefore offer unique opportunities for transformation to those who are inspired to delve deeper into the truth being revealed at that time.

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Empowerment of the Feminine Aspect

This workshop is usually conducted over a weekend and offers both male and female participants the opportunity to free the feminine energies within.  Deep-seated, often unconscious, cultural, ancestral and/or childhood patterns are transformed, allowing our feminine to emerge more fully.

Integrity of Language

This is a one-day journey into integrity. We look at what integrity means, its value, and how it assists us to become more honest and authentic in our personal lives and in the world around us. We also perform exercises to look at the personal beliefs that keep us from living our integrity.

Transformation to a higher level of consciousness from past programming to where we are moving towards now

This is an interactive workshop where you choose a value that you wish to uplift to a higher level, enabling your beliefs about that value to lift accordingly. This is a NLP technique I have adapted into a workshop so that we can release beliefs that limit us and keep us from fulfilment.

Values and Beliefs

This is an interactive workshop that assists us in moving to a higher level of consciousness through identifying beliefs and values that limit us, and creating new ones that bring a higher consciousness. This works uses an NLP technique to bring personal transformation.

- Personal Sessions with Maria Gabriella Molnar -

Integrity, honesty and sincere compassion enable me to provide the support so often needed when we reach out and open up to courageously claim our true path and allow ourselves to develop successfully. A term that is often used about me is that I am a spiritual technician because I am able to communicate the requirements for the well-being of your body, mind and soul.

My focus in a personal session is always to take people to their future – not to their past. The aim is to strengthen the soul’s ability to be more anchored within the body-brain system so it can guide, lead, and influence the personality towards desired fulfilment, health and well-being and moving it towards its destiny.

Each person’s purpose in life is found deep within the individual. In each personal session, I am guided to select and use a combination of techniques from the range of skills that I have at my disposal to best serve the person and the current situation.

Sessions will –

  • Awaken your internal truth
  • Locate the core source of a current issue or challenge
  • Guide you to find your internal truth
  • Rebuild your inner strength, integrity, dignity and commitment

Your greatest investment is in yourself. It’s what you take with you and the legacy that you leave behind.

Brochures for all workshops are available on request through email by completing the details below or by calling Maria on 0422960970.


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Some Testimonials

“I meet Maria 4 years ago and got more familiar with the way she works in her workshops and Meditation groups she presents.  As a leader It was absolutely perfect as she  lead me into other layers of my life,  I was able to know more about myself and how I operate and have a better control of myself and my mind.  Now I know more of the Value of My Life, my time, and everything that fits within and around it.  I believe Maria had opened my eyes to truly see life as it really is for me and come into it fully.  Even though I have not been able to attend the workshops of resent, I am still able to use the valuable tools and information that she had taught me   I believe that Maria’s way she presents lasts for every it is always available when one takes the action.  The techniques work they have not exploration date .   Investment that stays with you for life as we travel along a own path  I strongly recommend her workshops give yourself a chance at truth and a real life, once you’re there in the workshop, then you have choice and can make decision with open eyes and awareness having your options available for you.”                                           


“My personal experience with Maria’s work is that of having met a true teacher of truth.  This is a rare thing.  What it meant for me was moving from trying to resolve issues, to being immersed into realising my true potential.  Maria has the gift of taking people to a place they have not been before and each individual is guided to discover that unique space with Her authentic compassionate support and love and without compromise.   Since I have met Maria six years ago I now have a road map to work with when before I felt lost in the woods.  Thank you Maria With Love and gratitude”                                                                         

 Jean Jacques


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