Funeral Celebrant Central Coast

Grief, loss and bewilderment are some of the painful emotions that arise when we experience the passing of a loved one. We cannot predict when, how, and what we go through in these most deeply felt emotional time. The passing of a partner or family member impacts on our lives and our future, and at a personal level, we may be unable to speak about these feelings. For many, the mourning takes quite some time to travel through.

As your funeral celebrant, you can draw comfort from me. My presence will guide you steadily as we go through the proceedings of your final heartfelt goodbyes. For most, this time is sudden and unknown, and for others known, yet impossible to prepare for. I can offer you a service that allows you to celebrate the life of your loved one in a beautiful and sensitive way, celebrating and honouring the life you shared together.

- Funeral Celebrant Central Coast -

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